An Instant Wedding

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I think one day it would be really fun to shoot a wedding entirely in Polaroids (Fuji Instax, you know, since that’s what I’m actually using these days), though probably quite nerve wrecking since it wouldn’t exactly be a forgiving medium....having to keep track of all the photos, lack of a real zoom, ect. However, I think the outcome would be quite the keepsake, especially for the right couple (and I have the slight inkling that this ideal couple would be a tad hipsterish). And while it may not be forgiving in the creation stage, once you have the images in hand, scanning and reproducing them is more then doable - in fact one of my favorite things to decorate my room are enlargements of polaroids that I’ve printed to be 12 x 15 inches. In fact I think I would like my own wedding to be shot if not entirely, then mostly in Polariods. I would especially enjoy having those who were in the photo, or perhaps sometimes whoever took the photo, write the captions in the little white space in the bottom. Now I just need to you know....find someone to marry. Hah. Luckily I have many a years to figure that one out.