artist statement

Artist Statement

Life is still a very mysterious thing to me. We're brought into it, grow up, and one day die without ever finding a concrete meaning behind it. As a photographer, I capture pieces of life and our existence to study and observe. I don't expect to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together, yet collecting them seems a worthwhile venture in itself. What happens between the time you close your eyes at night and open them in the morning? Who and what do you walk by as you go about your day? These are amongst the simple puzzle pieces which I find provoking enough to capture and hold on to.

Being a voyeuristic person, I like to capture intimate moments that make up the daily grind of those around me, who are often subjected to my intrusions. It is my desire to freeze life at the moment I don't want things to change that motivates me to create images. To isolate these precise instances, separating them from the rest of time, to be saved and looked back upon; because things inevitably do change. Over the coming years I will continue to collect pieces of life. Only then will the things that seemed to change so subtly over time seem drastic. They will be a reminder of what once was. And if history does indeed repeat itself, an indication of what is to come.