Brief Overview:

This project would emphasize how a camera works, exploring what really goes on when you hit the shutter button, from the time the shutter opens to when it closes. Cameras simply record light that hits the film (or in today's case, digital sensor), typically this means capturing a single moment; but it can potentially mean capturing a span of moments to create and image, of something that didn't actually exist by itself. Part photography, part contour line drawing and mostly fun! It's a technique that captured the imagination of Picasso during a 1949 photo shoot for LIFE magazine, and it's currently capturing many audiences, mostly in the form of advertisements, today.

Parent Night Possibility:

This process lends itself well to the night, which is not when students are in school, but is the perfect time to have an event for parents and students alike. For the students it would be a reinforcement of the lesson previously learned in the classroom and an opportunity for them to help teach their parents, which I believe is a truly meaningful experience for all involved. The opportunity of doing this at night would also allow for options not available during classroom time, such as using outdoor spaces.

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